Went to the gym yeterday and did interval training spinning, ouch my bum is very sore today, and it would feel totally inappropriate to ask somebody for a massage... Had lunch with *O* today, its been a year since we saw each other and we promised to make it a more regular thing this year.
My new mission for the next month is going to be to try and figure out how English people think and why. Its quite difficult to put your finger on it, but there is something rather odd about the English. They are really polite, I remember being shocked about how friendly and helpful they are. But they are quite hard to get close to, at first I thought it was because I was a foreigner but then I realised that they act that way amoungst each other as well. Its like there is always a huge pink elephant in the room that everyone is to polite and controlled to talk about. I do realise that I am generalising but any tips on books to read to understand the British metality would be great!
To finish off I'll tell you about a English guy one of my friends had sex with. They were fooling around and it was quite obvious that they were going to have sex when he turn around and asks "would it be presumptious of we if I went and got something (condom)"?