Ok we've all been there, and I can admit to being there WAY to many times... In a drunken state all of a sudden realising that I'm absolutely thinking clearly and that sending a text message to my ex won't seem desperate or seen as a booty call but will be read by him as something funny and he will definately realise what a great girl I really am and get out of bed hop in a cab and serenade me with a guitarr... I now how a phone which saves all of my messages which obviously adds anxiety to the already existing hangover the morning after. Time after time I've made myself promises that I will NEVER sink that low EVER again. I've tried everything from handing my phone over to my best friend who usually gives it back to me as I can be very devious and persuasive, to saving the ex under the name "don't call" alternitavely "don't pick up" or "ash*le". But for nothing because somehow I find myself looking through messages the day after regretting 5 of 10.
Well it seems as if my salvation has finally come, apparantley Samsung are developing a system where you can unsend messages as long as the other person hasn't read it yet.
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